Comparing the Best Electric Beach Wagons

If you have been to the beach, then you know that it can be quite the journey carrying all of your beach essentials down the street, through deep sand, and up and down treacherous dunes.

Carrying your coolers, tents, chairs, umbrellas, toys and even kids on the hottest day can be daunting.

waggy square

After years of dragging heavy beach wagons through sand, rain, and dirt, I had to make a change as it made going to the beach a chore.

This is how WAGi was born.

After months of research, development and testing, we built an affordable electric beach wagon, that is completely hands-free, foldable, light-weight and easy to operate.

Now let’s talk about how WAGi is better than its competition and why:

SandHopper vs WAGi


The SandHopper is another electric beach wagon that has 3 different models starting at $2,295. Now for the average consumer, the SandHopper is way out of their price range. Buying a $2,300 beach wagon is not in most beachgoers’ budgets.


That is why WAGi beats Sandhopper when it comes to price and affordability. WAGi is 5x cheaper than Sandhopper, which makes it the better choice.


Another reason that WAGi is better than Sandhopper is that is lightweight and foldable. In order to transport the Sandhopper, you will need a truck or a large SUV, to get your wagon to the beach. With WAGi, you can easily fold/collapse it and it can fit in any car backseat or trunk.

These are just a few reasons why WAGi is a better product than Sandhopper.

E-Beach Wagon vs WAGi

e beach wagon review

The E-Beach wagon is another electric beach wagon offered on the market that makes getting to the beach easier.


Like the Sandhopper, the E-Beach Wagin starts at around $2,399 so you are going to be paying a pretty penny to purchase this electric wagon.


Although the E-beach Wagon has more features than the Sandhopper, it’s still out of the price range of many beachgoers.

Not only that, but like the Sandhopper, it is not a touch-free experience and you will still need to hold the handle of the wagon where the throttle is. With WAGi, you have a completely hands-free experience by using our simple remote control to get to the beach with ease and fun.

SuperHandy Electric Wagon

superway electric cartThe last electric beach cart available on the market is the SuperHandy Wagon. This wagon is not specifically made for the beach but provides a similar experience than the previous 2 electric wagons we talked about.


This electric-powered wagon & wheelbarrow is actually more affordable than the other two beach carts we talked about but its still $1,150 which is quite expensive for the average beachgoer.


Although the SuperHandy Electric wagon is more affordable, it does not have any of the features of other sand wagons. It features a brushless motor system. lithium-ion batteries and a load capacity of up to 500 lbs.

It also features big knobby tires which can be good for off-roading but may be overkill for dirt, sand and sidewalks.

For these reasons, WAGi is the better option here as well.


In conclusion, WAGi is the clear winner among electric beach carts. Being hands-free, foldable and affordable makes WAGi the best choice when it comes to electric beach wagons.


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