Next-Generation Hands-Free Electric Beach Wagon

No more lugging chairs, umbrellas, coolers, and toys. Get to the beach easier with WAGï, the first-of-its-kind, remote-controlled electric beach wagon.


No need to worry about space, WAGï is able to fit into the car and take up minimal garage space with our revolutionary collapsible design.

RC Controlled

WAGï is the only remote-controlled wagon on the market and makes for a completely touchless beach wagon experience.

Carry up to 200 lbs

WAGï can easily carry all your beach accessories for you, making for a more fun beach experience and hands-free lugging.


WAGï works on all types of terrains like sand, grass, concrete, dirt and more. Wherever you go, WAGi can come along!

Make the "Beach Day" Great Again!

A day at the beach always sounds fun, but it is much less so for the person responsible for lugging around all the stuff that is necessary for a good beach experience!

Even normal beach carts have trouble getting through the sand, but WAGï is designed to tackle the hardest terrains.

Our mission is simple, to take the work out of what is supposed to be an enjoyable experience at an affordable price point.

Give yourself or your loved ones a break with WAGï!

wagi gif

WAGï Uses


Beach Wagon

wagi for gardening


wagi for moving


wagi for camping


wagi for kids sports




..and many more!

Reserve Your WAGï Today!

Grab your spot in line to purchase your new best friend for the beach! You will be able to purchase the WAGi on a first come first serve basis, so get in as soon as possible because there will be limited units available.


What terrain does it work on?
WAGï works on all types of terrains like sand, concrete, grass, sidewalks, dirt and can tackle some pretty big obstacles!

How fast does it go?
The WAGï was designed specifically for low speed and high torque to carry more weight but it can go anywhere between 3 and 6 mph.

How much does WAGï weigh?
WAGï weighs roughly 21 lbs and is easy to carry and transport in your vehicle/trunk.

How far does the RC transmitter go?
You can use the RC transmitter up to 30 feet away from WAGï.